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ASH is Almost Here
Summer is almost here
Welcome to RAM Global LLC


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Hello All-

RAM Global, LLC is changing directions for the moment. I am getting to the age where living to work is now enjoying the work. With that said, I am happy to say that my interests are quite varied and I hope we at RAM Global will have something for everyone.

I have some political t-shirts for those of us who are ready to shame and de-fame those politicians who seem to think they are celebrities with worthwhile opinions. Both Republicans and Democrats are worthless to the American people.

ASH is Almost Here

Good Evening!

ASH is almost upon us. I will be at ASH roaming the vendor's arena, keeping up to date with the latest in Hematology/Oncology. Hopefully, I will see you. Take care.


Summer is almost here

Good Morning Everyone:

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. The weather was finally perfect. As summer is upon us and vacations begin  please remember if your office needs help contact us. Insurance questions concerning any type of imaging procedures are our specialty.

Questions and/or issues with mammography site set-ups or  regulatory paperwork, we have over 40 years of experience to get you up and running.

Take care and enjoy the summer!

Welcome to RAM Global LLC

A group of  medical professionals decided to have some fun in their careers. So... we thought perhaps it was time to spread our wings and fly into new adventures. With that said, here we are... ready to offer a unique service in the radiology industry.

Need an expert opinion on a court case? An insurance claim? Perhaps helping out a nuclear pharmacy that would rather contract out than hire a new employee.Maybe you're an innovative company with exciting new drugs and would like experts in the field for you without the worry of a science team or sales team - just yet.
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